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Carol Haselwood

illustrated by

Emma Horne

The Adventures of Ratbag and Piddlepuss introduces best friends Ratbag, a King Charles spaniel and Piddlepuss, a small grey and white cat, who spend their lives having adventures and getting into scrapes. Join them and their family as they romp through the year having fun, falling out, making up, saving each other and making new friends along the way.
In The Further Adventures of Ratbag and Piddlepuss the family is joined by two new members in a year’s worth of new adventures.
A heart warming story of two furry friends and their four and two legged family. Both children’s books take children beyond illustrated books with a few words to text based stories with beautiful line drawings.  Perfect to read to small children but easily read and enjoyed by older children - loved by adults too!

Meet the Animals

ratbag drawing


Ratbag is a very handsome black and tan cavalier King Charles spaniel.  He is very sweet and affectionate, loves everyone and everything, and is especially fond of Piddlepuss.

piddlepuss drawing


Piddlepuss is a small grey, white and apricot coloured cat, who loves nothing better than to be out having adventures with her best friend.  For a small cat, she has a very big purr.

Auntie drawing


Auntie is a beautiful Irish red and white setter.  She looks very dignified and wise, but in fact loves playing games and in particular enjoys teasing Ratbag.  All the animals love her and she loves them back.

Cuckoo Scaredycat drawing

Cuckoo Scaredycat

Cuckoo is Piddlepuss's sister, but where Piddlepuss is adventurous she is timid and prefers to stay safely indoors.  She is a big fluffy cat.

Big Momma drawing

Big Momma

Big Momma is a gentle Maine Coon cat, mother to Piddlepuss and Cuckoo Scaredycat.  She is quiet by nature, but has a mischievous streak.

The author, Carol Haselwood, has always lived with and loved animals, starting as a very small child when she found an injured stray kitten and insisted on being allowed to keep her.

Since then she has shared her home with a diverse mix of animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and chickens.
She lives in rural Somerset with her two and four legged family.

The Adventures of Ratbag & Piddlepuss and The Further Adventures of RatBag and Piddlepuss are Carol's first books.

The illustrator and artist, Emma Horne of Two Blue Dogs Designs is inspired by Sheepdogs and Scotland and aspires to capture both in her Watercolour Paintings and Photography.

'This book is an absolute delight! Carol has captured the personalities of the various creatures featured to perfection, bringing the animals to life beautifully. I purchased several copies as gifts for some kiddies aged between 2 years & 10, all really loved this book. Absolutely enchanting. l just wish I had written it!'

Valerie H., Hertfordshire

"I bought this book for my Granddaughter who lives in the USA. We enjoyed snuggling down together and took turn and turn about reading out loud. Full of interesting creature tales and adventures. A great bedtime wind-down. We are both looking forward to hearing more from the lives of Ratbag and Piddlepuss. Love this little book.."

Ann T., Somerset


"I like the names of all the animals"

William (6), West London

"I really enjoyed your book, it brought back memories of my childhood pets. You did a wonderful job describing each adventure and the friendship between Ratbag and Piddlepuss. I also believe many others can relate to these adventures because most people have had pets."

Chuck N., West Virginia





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I am looking to make both books available on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks.    Please let me know if you would be interested in either of these ways to get my books.

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